The McGinnis Sisters commitment to sustainability

Sustainability and buying local products are all the rage but at McGinnis Sisters we have been supporting local farms and producers for over sixty years. As young girls we would go with our father, Elwood, to local farms to pick up produce for our stores and bring the best of the countryside to our customers. At the time we were motivated by great taste, but we were practicing sustainable practices before “sustainability” became a buzz word.

We continue these same practices today and source local products whenever possible. In the summer this means that our stores are filled with varieties of local fruit and vegetables. Outside of the growing season we provide a place for local farms and small local businesses to sell their eggs, cheese, milk, mustards, pasta sauces, and more. The list goes on from there and keeps growing everyday. Not only are we able to provide the best tasting products from our region, we are supporting the local economy and reducing the environmental waste associated with shipping products. Our commitment to the greater Pittsburgh region is just one of the many ways McGinnis Sisters continues our history of sustainability.

Foley Fish commitment to sustainable seafood

Unlike other companies who merely join associations, Foley Fish actively participates in fishery management with a representative on both the National Marine Fisheries Northeast Groundfish Advisory Panel and the Highly Migratory Species Panel. Foley’s direct involvement in fishery management allows us to steer our customers to well managed, sustainable species.

Today, the oceans are managed through a fishery management toolbox designed to protect our oceans for future generations. The fishery management toolbox includes measures such as:

  • Reduced Days at Sea
  • Permanent Closed Fishing Areas – Marine Sanctuaries
  • Gear Modifications to minimize impact on the ocean eco-system
    • Largest mesh sizes in the world to allow baby fish to swim through nets
    • Bumpers on scallop dredges to protect the ocean bottom
    • Separator trawls on fishing vessels to target only abundant species
    • Rolling Fishing Ground Closures to Protect Spawning Fish
  • Total Allowable Catch Trip Limits for Fishing Vessels
  • Species trip limits to ensure sustainable eco-systems

These fishery management measures are just a few of the tools used to regulate fisheries. The good news is that they are working. Species with significant success here in the East Coast include: Acadian Redfish, Georges Bank Haddock and Georges Bank Scallops. All of the species are increasing in abundance – some more quickly than others depending on a variety of factors including water temperature and natural predators.

All Natural American Beef and Poultry and All Natural Pennsylvania and Pork

It may not seem like a big deal for a store like McGinnis Sisters to provide only all American beef and poultry and pork from Pennsylvania. When you consider how quickly these products reach our stores and your dinner table you can begin to see the positive affect we are having on the environment. Our products travel much less to reach you allowing us to help reduce the amount of carbon emissions created when these products are purchased from across the country or outside the United States. We also have local grass fed beef available in our Adams and Monroeville stores for customers who want to increase their support of local farms.

What about waste?

We strive to reduce waste everyday at McGinnis Sisters. With smart ordering we are reducing the amount of unnecessary supplies and products. Whenever possible, we purchase supply items that are reusable so that we can reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the trash each day. When building our new Adams Township location, the majority of our cases were purchased used and were refurbished by local companies. Purchasing these used cases allows us to save tons of metal, plastic, and e-waste from landfills. Not to mention the energy associated with manufacturing completely new cases. We have an aggressive cardboard and paper recycling program in all three locations and are expanding our recycling programs. We know that we can continue to do better in these areas and we strive for new solutions every day.

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