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Fresh fish has an unbeatable taste and is easy to prepare. McGinnis Sisters offers all natural seafood that has never been soaked in brines, preservatives or other chemicals. Our seafood is fillet by hand and many steaks are cut right in our store.

From our wild-caught or Atlantic salmon, to our Boston Scrod and Unsoaked Scallops, McGinnis Sisters offers the freshest catch and easy to follow recipes that make dinner healthy and delicious. Our Seafood selection is extensive with fillets, steaks, shellfish, and American shrimp offered daily. We even offer a wide array of take and bake times like freshly breaded Captains Cod and Pecan Crusted Trout so that you can bring your family back to the table.

M.F. Foley Fish Company
Since 1980’s the M. F. Foley Fish Company has been supplying the freshest fish to McGinnis Sisters. McGinnis Sisters is the exclusive retail provider of Foley Fish in Pittsburgh. This family company is now in their fourth generation and boasts over 100 years of experience.

Unlike other companies who merely join associations, Foley Fish actively participates in fishery management with a representative on both the National Marine Fisheries Northeast Groundfish Advisory Panel and the Highly Migratory Species Panel. Foley's direct involvement in fishery management allows us to steer our customers to well managed, sustainable species. Under the meticulous care of Laura Foley, the M. F. Foley Company is the most quality minded, service oriented, and honest fish company in America.
Today, the oceans are managed through a fishery management toolbox designed to protect our oceans for future generations.
  • Limited Fishing Effort through reduced days at sea
  • Marine Sanctuaries created by permanent closed fishing areas
  • Low Impact Fishing through gear modifications to minimize impact on the eco-system Largest mesh sizes to allow baby fish to swim through Bumpers on scallop dredges to protect the ocean bottom Separator trawls on fishing vessels to target abundant species
  • Protection of Juvenile Fish through rolling fishing ground closures to protect spawning grounds
  • Reduced Fish Harvests through total allowable catch trip limits for fishing vessels and limits and quotas for specific species of fish.
  • Foley Fish awarded one of the 101 Best & Brightest Sustainable Companies to Work For in the United States.
Healthy Living

Seafood is an excellent choice for your healthy diet. High in protein and low in fat, our all natural seafood is not only heart healthy but is low in calories as well. Salmon is especially high in Omega-3 oils which may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. The American Heart Association recommends adding two servings of fatty fish like Salmon or Tuna to your diet each week.

The 4th Generation, Foley Fish company is extremely committed to sourcing sustainable seafood.

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